How To Do RO Service, Why it is Important, Is It Healthy?

Every home needs the purification of drinking water for good health. There are many purification technologies available in the market but Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most popular one. RO works on the principle of “Reverse Osmosis”. RO is effective and safe, fully automated, produces great-tasting water and price is reasonable.

Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine

Important Facts For RO

What Does Ro Do?

In order to provide clean water for people, RO came into existence. Majorly RO is used for home or business to produce outstanding drinking water. All the impurities are purified with the help of reverse osmosis filtration system.

How Is Beneficial For Your Health?

RO process produces water which is free from lead, removes sodium, filters cryptosporidium. It is safe for cancer patients while taking radiation or chemotherapy. The purified RO water is completely free from all pesticides and herbicides.

Regular RO Service

RO removes almost all the soluble and insoluble contaminants but due to micro-level contaminants smell and taste may change. The problem arises mainly due to poor maintenance issues. RO services include

  • Checking all the filters functioning
  • Checking water TDS
  • Checking the water pump for the right pressure.

Ro maintenance Cost:

Usually, RO purifiers make a yearly maintenance cost which is generally referred to as AMC. AMC is an agreement between producers and owners of water purifiers that stipulates the terms and conditions for regular water purification service and maintenance.

AMC’s annual maintenance costs for RO water purifiers start around Rs.1000 – per year plus extra spare parts costs are around Rs.6000 – per year with all parts included.

With AMC up to 3 free visits for preventive maintenance plus free on-call breakdown services are included per year. Every brand of water purifier has its own AMC plan.

Helping Tips of RO Service:

If you are someone who has an RO system installed at home, then you must know not only about the work but also the right maintenance. The following are some useful tips and ways to maintain an RO system to function properly.

1. Change your RO filters on a regular basis.

2. Sanitization and cleaning is the best way to maintain an RO system.

3. For extra efficient functioning of the RO system install a softener.

4. Exteriors of the RO system should be clean

5. Regular Servicing will enhance RO life.

6. Annual Maintenance of RO will help to produce pure water.

Important Question Answers For RO Service

What is TDS?

TDS stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”. TDS refers to salts, minerals and dissolved metals like chloride, nitrate, calcium, sulfur, iron and organic matter which are dissolved in water. It is expressed in mg per liter or parts per million(ppm).

How Can I get my RO service Done?


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3. Choose the day and time slot for you to get the repair.

After the booking confirmation, a repair technician gets in touch with you for understanding your problem better. If the problem is minor, the repair will be done at your home else it will be taken to the service center and delivered to you as early as possible.

How much time RO Filter Need to change?

RO services must be done every three months to receive clean and healthy water for consumption. In RO services, post and pre-filters, membranes, water storage tanks, water motors, pumps, connecting pipes, and other parts are examined and diagnosed for any errors. The damaged part, if any, is replaced with a new one.

What is the maintenance cost of RO?

The maintenance price of an RO water purifier depends on the water purifier brand. Any RO water purifier annual maintenance costs range from 1000 to 6000 depending on the change of spare parts. This can happen because you may need to change filters around once a year based on your usage.

What is RO service center number?

If in case of any queries you can call RO service centre number +91-9319059099 with 24/7 customer support. You will get your queries resolved in no time.

How Hygienic is RO water?

Water is very important for life, but it contains impurities such as bacteria which if ingested can cause waterborne diseases. RO water purifier destroys all pathogens and filters out all impurities such as excessive minerals. So, choose the best RO water purifier that ensures safe drinking water for you and your family. Drink clean water and stay healthy.

All RO water purifiers have at least 3 to 5 pre-filters before the actual RO membrane that removes chemicals dissolved in water. Organic molecules such as pesticides, herbicides and VOCs are large molecules and cannot cross the pores of RO membranes. They are all filtered by RO water purifiers. The RO water purifier is the only water purifier that can remove dissolved salt from the water and at the same time removes all germs from the water to provide almost distilled water quality.

Why RO Water taste different?

Water filtered from reverse osmosis is one of the best filtered water available. Calcium makes the water feel milky and smooth, magnesium can be bitter, and sodium makes it taste salty. RO removes all these minerals from water, causing your water to feel different from the tap water.

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